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What are the functions of wet sandblasting machines?

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What are the functions of wet sandblasting machines?

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What are the functions of wet sandblasting machines?
      Wet sandblasting machines are made of FRP material, durable, strong, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The air control switch has a sand pu
What are the functions of wet sandblasting machines?
      Wet sandblasting machines are made of FRP material, durable, strong, easy to operate, safe and reliable. The air control switch has a sand pump compression function.
      Our sand pump is easy to start, and the sand that is sprayed makes the surface workpiece very convenient and has a long service life. We use quality assurance and safety to achieve certain effects. Please feel free to buy our sand blasting machine.
What is the scope of the wet blasting machine?
      1. Wet blasting machine is suitable for liquid processing, small batch processing of small and medium-sized parts.
      2. Wet blasting machine is also used for cleaning heat treatment, surface oxidation of welded parts, castings, etc.
      3. Wet sandblasting machine for the processing of glitches, some residual pollution, etc. can use our sandblasting machine.
      4. The wet blasting machine changes the surface condition of the workpiece to improve the wear resistance and fatigue of the part.
      5. Change the lubrication of the movement coordination, low noise and no pollution.
      6. Wet blasting machine is suitable for heat treatment, rough surface processing and pre-treatment before plating.
      7. Wet blasting machine is used for glass pellets, reinforced decorative parts, strap factory, jewelry factory, electronics factory.